CPSC 104. Class 1, Summer 2012

15 Things about Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is the way of using the `Web so that we contribute to the Web and participate in the sharing of information – text, images, audio files, videos – in ways that build communities. Some say that it demonstrates a read/write culture, with individuals receiving (reading) information and individuals producing (writing) information sharing it with friends, family, or anyone on the Internet or part of an online community. When you think about it, television and radio are read-only. Newspapers that incorporate letters to the editor are read-write.   We’ll be looking at 15 things on the Internet that enable this notion of read-write culture.

They are

  • Thing 1 – Blogs
  • Thing 2 – Microblogging
  • Thing 3 – Social Networking
  • Thing 4 – Wikis
  • Thing 5 – Research Tools
  • Thing 6 – Evaluating Information on the Web
  • Thing 7 – Sharing Photos and Images
  • Thing 8 – Virtual Worlds
  • Thing 9 – Podcasting
  • Thing 10 – Videos
  • Thing 11 – Social Bookmarking & Tagging
  • Thing 12 – Sharing Documents in the Cloud
  • Thing 13 – RSS
  • Thing 14 – Forums & Web Boards
  • Thing 15 -Awareness Tools

About the Internet

About copyright

For class Tuesday:

Create a blog  on umwblogs.org

Send me the title and  URL of your blog

Take the quiz

Howstuffworks “Fact or Fiction: the Internet”

and write about your opinion of the quiz and how you did.

One Response to “CPSC 104. Class 1, Summer 2012”

  1. jander23 says:

    I got a 6 out of 10 on the quiz. Some of them I guessed because I had absolutely no clue. I thought there was way more than only 180 million domain names, I never would’ve guessed numbers 4 or 5 though I lucked out on the next few. I did know about the dot-com bubble burst though. Most of the questions you wouldn’t know if you were still a kid in the 90’s. I did find the “cyberslacking” cost to be interesting however.