Class 5. CPSC 104. Summer 2012

Dates for presentations

  • Monday, June 4 – Felicia Holzgrefe
  • Tuesday June 5 – Terra Sadek
  • Wednesday June 6 – Erik Hennigar
  • Thursday June 7 – Sam Carolus-Hager
  • Monday, June 11 – Ornella Irakoze
  • Tuesday, June 12 – Eva Jones
  • Wednesday, June 13 – Jack Anderson
  • Thursday, June 14 – James Barfield
  • Monday, June 18 – Golda Essuman

Research Topics

  • Terra, and I want to write about how the internet can affect the environment on an international scale. The internet connects people, and people are what determine the livelihood of our world. I think I want to focus on the improvement of the environment. We can share ideas and concepts.
  • Sam – I’ll be writing about the effects the internet has had on economics. See my blog for more details
  • Jack- my paper will be about increased connection to the internet and how that affects global development, especially how developing countries are bypassing desktop computers and the reasons behind that.
  • Ornella Irakoze – I would like to do my topic on the useful effects of the internet in spreading information or news on global crisis. For example, Events such as Haiti earthquake donations, national prayer requests in Europe for the sick, and updated petitions in different countries can be spread throughout the internet which allows people arond the world to be informed about recent events happening in different countries.

Add links to blogroll.

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Thing 5 – Using the Web for Research

For Thursday:

  • Add a blogroll to your blog
  • Set up an account on netvibes
  • Read Thing 5 and then do the hands-on activity. Write about your experiences in your blog.



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